BIMO King is a cart designed for simple and easy transport of materials of special dimensions such as: P.V.C. and carpet rolls of various lengths from 1 to 5 m, various plate materials (gypsum boards, various types of wooden boards, glass panels, etc.), metal elements (profiles, rods, sheets), concrete materials (curbs, panels, beams), wooden beams, materials that are packed in bags or buckets, various types of heavy tools (grinders for parquet, strippers, metal rollers) and other materials.

Their special construction allows one worker with minimal effort consumption to be able to easily perform lifting, transporting, lowering cargo (loading and unloading a van).

BIMO King cart can also be used in a vertical position that allows to use it in smaller elevators of less than 2 m in depth.

BIMO King cart is the perfect means of transporting and transferring materials inside construction sites or warehouses where it is not possible to access transport forklifts.